18. “Bodyfulness” for Deeper Mindfulness

Christine Caldwell

Christine Caldwell talks about her new book, Bodyfulness, which is a practice that challenges us to take mindfulness one step further by using our body’s knowledge and intuition to make more empowered and informed choices in everyday life.

Christine Caldwell, Ph.D., LPC, BC-DMT, is the founder of and professor in the Somatic Counseling Program at Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She lectures and trains internationally, and has authored two books: Getting Our Bodies Back, and Getting In Touch. She offers trainings in somatic psychotherapy, with specializations in addictions, play behavior, movement sequencing, therapist training, scientific inquiry, and community and arts-based research. She has two books coming out in 2018, The Body and Oppression, and Bodyfulness.

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4 Replies to “18. “Bodyfulness” for Deeper Mindfulness”

  1. I loved this episode and that a book is coming soon!!! I was delighted to find someone else was using the world Bodyful and that Christine had written an article. Thank you for this interview may it spread far and wide into our collective world view!!!

    1. I’m glad you loved it! Such important information to spread!

  2. Thank you Christine Caldwell for providing more explicit space for the body in the world. I enjoyed listening to the interview.

    1. Thank you Ursula for your gratitude! I’m so happy you enjoyed it 🙂

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