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Lori Baudino
15. Whole Body Parenting
Dr. Lori Baudino advises how parents can intentionally use their bodies and movement to improve communication, understanding, and harmony in
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14. Ways to Prevent Bullying and Violence
Rena Kornblum is the creator of an internationally known bullying and violence prevention curriculum. Rena incorporates movement behavior, body knowledge,
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13. Suicide: Living with the Will to Die
Join your host, Orit Krug, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT as she talks about the spectrum of suicide from a neurobiological perspective
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12. Depression: Reignite Your Life Force
Joan Wittig, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT talks about the significance of using movement in psychotherapy for people struggling with depression. Joan
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11. Veterans & Active Military: Restoring Mind and Body through Movement
Allison Winters, MA, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT, E-RYT treats veterans and active service members through mind-body centered approaches. Listen to find
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10. Finding Common Threads Across the Globe
Amber Gray talks about body-centered approaches to her global humanitarian work, describes physical aspects of trauma memory, and advises that
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09. The Deeper Side of Eating Disorders
Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS, is creative arts therapies supervisor and dance/movement therapist for The Renfrew Center of Florida.
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08. Moving through Fear of Flying
Antonia informs us about her therapeutic work with clients who suffer from mild to severe anxiety disorders and how dance/movement
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07. On Becoming a Dance/Movement Therapist
What does it mean to become a dance/movement therapist? Why is it important to incorporate body and movement knowledge into
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06. Bridging the Conscious and Unconscious through Authentic Movement
Kendra and Laura talk about what it means to truly witness another and be seen by another through Authentic Movement,
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