Do you want to:

  • unleash your creativity to become more spontaneous & joyful?
  • become confident & comfortable in your own skin?
  • align your actions with your values & dreams?
  • cultivate inner-peace & self-compassion?
  • relieve chronic stress, tension, & pain?

Do you need:

  •  something more holistic than regular talk therapy?
  •  to engage in therapy through a more creative and enjoyable  way?
  •  to learn how to take actual, physical action towards self-improvement?


I can help you through mind/body healing.

I’m currently offering 1-on-1 and group healing services online. Our sessions will be 100% confidential with encrypted phone or video-chat and you can engage in therapy from the comfort and safety of your very own home.

For your free consultation, please contact me with your information.