09. The Deeper Side of Eating Disorders

Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS, is creative arts therapies supervisor and dance/movement therapist for The Renfrew Center of Florida. Ms Kleinman is a trustee of the Marian Chace Foundation, Past President of the American Dance Therapy Association, and a past Chair of The National Coalition for Creative Arts Therapies. She has published extensively, presented widely, is the Sierra Tucson’s 2012 “Gratitude for Giving” honoree , the recipient of the American Dance Therapy Association’s 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award and The International Association of Eating Disorders Professional’s 2014 Spirit of iaedp Award. Her work is featured in the documentary entitled Expressing Disorder: Journey to Recovery.

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3 Replies to “09. The Deeper Side of Eating Disorders”

  1. Rachel Harris, PhD says: Reply

    Don’t miss this interview with Susan Kleinman, one of the most experienced and wisest dance movement therapists still working, learning, and sharing. She captures the essence of developing a somatically experienced relationship with eating disordered patients, raising issues of trauma, dissociation, and shame.

    1. Gina Macdonald MA,LPC,CEDS says: Reply

      This interview does a wonderful job working with the specific issues underlying trauma. This complicated and intricate area as well as the complexity of body image disturbance hardly ever receives the attention it deserves. We are fortunate to have dance/movement therapists such as Susan Kleinman who address the unmet needs with the eating disorder population..

  2. Audrey Albert King DMT. Clinician says: Reply

    Susan Kleinman is a pioneer in the field of dance/movement therapy and eating disorders. She eloquently states that, “an eating disorder is a bodily focused experience.” Living in one’s body is a struggle for those with eating disorders. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that a body-based psychotherapeutic approach to treatment for eating disorders makes sense. This modality should be included as a standard component to treatment in all eating disorder centers. This podcast illuminates the reasons why dance/movement therapy is an integral part of the recovery process.

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