28. Trauma: Building Resilience & Moving Forward

2 FREE SPOTS to Conquer Your Goals E-course – enter giveaway when you sign up for our newsletter by 3/1/18 Conscious Dancer Membership Giveaway  Jenny discusses why it’s so important to tune into our bodies to recover from trauma. In this episode you’ll hear tips and research supporting why we cannot neglect the body in trauma […]

27. Healing Old Relationship Wounds

What does it feel like to be met with deep compassion and authenticity in any type of relationship? Dr. Glickman tells us about body-centered practices that have helped his clients repair relationship wounds from infancy all the way to adulthood. Get 50% off Finally Conquer your Goals in 2018 – use code HALFOFF2018 Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com […]

26. Turn up the Compassion, Drop the Stigma of Mental Illness

Kendra has provided dance/movement therapy on a forensic inpatient unit for the last 10 years. Tune in for fascinating stories from her dance therapy sessions that highlight her patients’ basic human needs to be seen, heard, and empowered. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com and our Facebook page Kendra Kirane specializes in movement psychotherapy and authentic movement. Her philosophy is […]

25. Conquer Your 2018 Goals with Body Awareness

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24. Embodying “Me Too”

Millions of women courageously shared their history of sexual assault and trauma sparked by the “me too” movement. In this episode, Hannah Blake advises how to embody this process for an opportunity to keep moving towards healing using more than words. Hannah identifies that body awareness, meditation, spontaneous expression, and nature are powerful embodiment tools […]

23. Discover Flow, Balance, and Inner-Peace with Deanne Love

Deanne Love is an international hula hoop instructor with 80,000+ YouTube subscribers, yet she remains humble, down-to-earth, and delightfully introspective. Deanne has discovered so much about herself and how to cope with the world by developing a deeper understanding of her body language and movement patterns. Join this inspiring conversation as Deanne shares important lessons […]

22. 5 Simple Movements to Help you Stay Grounded this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often hectic, busy, and surrounded with anxious energy. Though it’s a season meant for family and love, it can feel like the loneliest one of the year. It’s important to stay connected to your body to ground your emotional experience. Listen to this episode to hear what 5 movements will help […]

21. Physical Storytelling

Steve and Connor describe their ever-evolving technique that facilitates deep introspection, community gathering, and conversation on hot-button topics. Listen in on how they make all of this happen even in groups of people who have no verbal language in common. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Steve Harvey and Connor Kelly first met at the 1988 ADTA conference in […]

20. What’s That Sensation Inside my Body?

Join this fascinating conversation about how we can begin understanding the sensations we feel inside our bodies and how to use this knowledge to alleviate emotional struggles. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Kalila Homann, MA, LPC-S, BC-DMT is a dance/movement therapist and licensed professional counselor and supervisor in private practice in Austin, Texas.  She now works as an affiliate faculty […]

19. Older Adults & Dementia: A Heart-Centered Approach

Donna informs us how emotional connection, social interaction, and body-based communication are the most important elements of older adult & Dementia care. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Donna Newman-Bluestein is a Board Certified dance/movement therapist, Certified Movement Analyst, mental health counselor, senior lecturer for Lesley University, and performer with the intergenerational dance company Back Pocket Dancers. Since 1978, […]

18. “Bodyfulness” for Deeper Mindfulness

Christine Caldwell

Christine Caldwell talks about her new book, Bodyfulness, which is a practice that challenges us to take mindfulness one step further by using our body’s knowledge and intuition to make more empowered and informed choices in everyday life. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Christine Caldwell, Ph.D., LPC, BC-DMT, is the founder of and professor in the Somatic Counseling Program […]

17. Building a Brand: Conscious Dancer

Mark Metz

Part 2 of the mind/body marketing mini-series: Mark Metz shares his unpredictable journey that led him to conscious dance practices and inspired him to create the Conscious Dancer magazine & community. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Mark Metz is an author and DJ who publishes Conscious Dancer Magazine and founded the Dance First Association. His primary field of interest is […]

16. Building a Practice: Chicago Dance Therapy

Erica Hornthal

Part 1 of the mind/body marketing mini-series: Erica Hornthal, LCPC, BC-DMT shares her experiences and insights about transitioning from public service to private practice. Although Erica’s practice is specific to dance/movement therapy, her tips are helpful for any prospective entrepreneurs in creative, unique, and/or commonly misunderstood fields. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Erica Hornthal is a clinical counselor […]

15. Whole Body Parenting

Lori Baudino

Dr. Lori Baudino advises how parents can intentionally use their bodies and movement to improve communication, understanding, and harmony in relationship to their children. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Dr. Lori Baudino, has been a practicing clinician for over a decade. As the National Clinical Spokesperson for The Andrea Rizzo Foundation, and with their sole funding, Dr. Baudino brought […]

14. Ways to Prevent Bullying and Violence

Rena Kornblum is the creator of an internationally known bullying and violence prevention curriculum. Rena incorporates movement behavior, body knowledge, multicultural awareness, and creative social skills as interventions and resolutions for violence and bullying in and out of school classrooms. Rena shares challenging and rewarding moments from her work with children that we can all […]

Trap Music for the Soul

Disclaimer: you’re going to judge me for this post. In almost all of dance/movement therapy sessions, I use music as a tool to support my clients with the creative process and facilitate self-expression. I’m very intentional about each song that I use throughout every moment of my sessions. I create playlists with distinct, consistent rhythms […]

13. Understanding Suicide: Living with the Will to Die

Suicide Awareness: Join your host, Orit Krug, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT as she talks about the spectrum of suicide from a neurobiological perspective to highlight the importance of the mind-body connection in people who are considering ending their lives. Orit explains how dance/movement therapy and body-based interventions can promote healthier communication between brain and body and […]

Preparing for the End of Summer

For all of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve got to admit it: summer is coming to an end soon. As we say goodbye to the summer months and transition to fall, we might begin experiencing a change in mood and quality of life. We know that the summer provides us with physical benefits just from the […]

12. Depression: Reignite Your Life Force

Joan shares how people suffering from depression can find their life force in their bodies and movement. Listen for tips on how to engage your body to rediscover inspiration and unleash your creative energy. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Joan was heavily involved in the passage of legislation that licenses creative arts therapy in New York State, serving […]

11. Veterans & Active Military: Restoring Mind and Body through Movement

Allison Winters, MA, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT, E-RYT treats veterans and active service members through mind-body centered approaches. Listen to find out why dance/movement therapy and body-based practices are effective approaches to helping these individuals regain control over their emotions and feel empowered in their lives once again. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Allison is a board certified dance/movement […]

10. Finding Common Threads Across the Globe

Amber Gray talks about body-centered approaches to her global humanitarian work, describes physical aspects of trauma memory, and advises that stronger body awareness can enhance our capacity to respond to fears induced by the current refugee crisis and political climate. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Amber is a pioneer in the use of Dance Movement Therapy with survivors […]

09. The Deeper Side of Eating Disorders

Susan shares the 4 components that make up each individual’s body image and why eating disorders is much deeper than physical appearances. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Susan Kleinman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, CEDS, is creative arts therapies supervisor and dance/movement therapist for The Renfrew Center of Florida. Ms Kleinman is a trustee of the Marian Chace Foundation, Past […]

08. Moving through Fear of Flying

Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann, BC-DMT informs us about her therapeutic work with clients who suffer from mild to severe anxiety disorders and how dance/movement therapy can be applied even up to 35,000 feet in the air. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann is a psychologist and board certified dance/movement therapist living and working in Hamburg, Germany. She received her MA […]

07. On Becoming a Dance/Movement Therapist

Sherry Goodill, Ph.D, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC, a Dance/Movement Therapy educator of over 30 years, shares her insights about what it means to become a dance/movement therapist and why it’s important to incorporate body and movement knowledge into one’s training and practice of psychotherapy. Sherry W. Goodill is Clinical Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Creative Arts […]

06. Bridging the Conscious and Unconscious through Authentic Movement

Kendra Kambestad, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT and Laura Raffa, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT, talk about what it means to truly witness another and be seen by another through Authentic Movement, a process that can help individuals discover and understand their deepest impulses and needs. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Kendra Kambestad specializes in movement psychotherapy and authentic movement. She has […]

05. Reaching Across Borders

Rosey Puloka MA, R-DMT, shares her perspective on how to support inclusion of different identities, find belonging, and push past “fears of the unknown” in order to facilitate more harmony across borders. Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Rosey Puloka is a dance/movement therapist, trauma yoga specialist, and counselor in the Chicago area. She received her BA from Colorado College in Dance […]

04. Fit Body, Fit Mind

Jessica Scott talks about her recent health and fitness lifestyle transformation and how it has positively impacted her emotional well-being. The discussion takes a unique turn when Jessica and Orit speculate how fitness training may mimic certain body-based survival responses and strengthen one’s ability to manage anxiety. Jessica Scott is a licensed therapist and counselor in the New […]

03. New DMT Professionals: Identity and Self-Care

Winnie Wong, MS, R-DMT, LCAT, Jamie Yasgur, MS, R-DMT, LP-CAT, Sarah Lannon, MS, R-DMT and Orit talk about their experiences as relatively new dance/movement therapists. Themes about professional identity, work-life balance, and self-forgiveness often come up throughout the discussion. Even if you’re not a DMT, you will certainly be able to relate as a new […]

02. The Power of Pausing

Christina Devereaux, Ph.D., LCAT, LMHC, BC-DMT, NCC informs us why it is essential for human bodies to rest in the midst of our fast-paced lives and how we can learn to trust the “pause.” Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Christina Devereaux is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling program at Antioch […]

01. Introduction to Mind Your Body

Meet the host, Orit Krug, as she provides a brief introduction of this podcast series and a more in-depth description of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT). Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com Orit Krug, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT is the Director of Expressive Therapies at Rockford Center, an inpatient/outpatient psychiatric hospital in Newark, Delaware. She has extensive clinical experience with a range of […]