Hi! My name is Orit Krug and I’m a dance/movement therapist. I’m passionate about helping people get in touch with who they truly are. I believe that anyone can find the answer within his/her own body by understanding their body sensations and habitual movement behaviors.

My clients often ask after their first dance/movement therapy session, “So you do this for a living?” Yes, I do, and It feels amazing to help people in this way.

It’s usually a very challenging process for any of us to begin knowing our bodies and exploring movement outside of our typical comfort zone. Uncomfortable emotion-filled sensations will inevitably emerge after years, or even a lifetime of avoiding certain sensations and movements.

I become deeply moved when I witness and support my clients through this journey and see them coming out more insightful and confident about expressing all the parts of themselves that make up their whole person.

My greatest hope is that I can help others become aware of dance and movement as a therapeutic approach to living more joyful and peaceful lives. This is what I want to offer in my podcast and blog posts.

Please know that I am open and available for guidance about where to begin, whether you’re interested in trying dance/movement therapy or a different form of self-discovery through mind-body connection practices.

I look forward to hearing from you!
-Orit Krug, MS, BC-DMT, LCAT-