27. Healing Old Relationship Wounds

What does it feel like to be met with deep compassion and authenticity in any type of relationship? Dr. Glickman tells us about body-centered practices that have helped his clients repair relationship wounds from infancy all the way to adulthood.

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Gary Glickman, PhD (Clinical Somatic Psychology), Somatic-Experiencing Practitioner, lecturer, novelist and songwriter (www.dreambrothersmusic.com), practices body-centered psychotherapy in Santa Monica, California and the Big Island. With co-DreamBrother Stephan David Hewitt, he facilitates Three Fold Way workshops grounding relational somatic psychotherapy principles in authentic-impulse movement, experiments in safe
touch and boundaries, archetypal narrative, singing, toning, harmonizing, dream work, mask-making, theatre, sand-tray, and creative writing. Website: http://www.garyglickman.com/.  He is most recently the author of The Scrolls of Nef (www.scrollsofnef.com).

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