21. Physical Storytelling

Steve and Connor describe their ever-evolving technique that facilitates deep introspection, community gathering, and conversation on hot-button topics. Listen in on how they make all of this happen even in groups of people who have no verbal language in common.

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Steve Harvey and Connor Kelly first met at the 1988 ADTA conference in Baltimore and then at an ADTA Education meeting in Chicago in June 1989. They regularly practiced contact improvisation  and often added witnessing and story.  They began collaborating in April 1990 with a group in Europe called Theatre of Spontaneity which has a basis in Playback Theatre where they began to explore their movement/dance based scores.  This group met every 9 months in a different European city until 1996.  They gathered to explore and then offer performances.  They began using their scores in supervision and teaching at conferences, developing their idea of exquisite communication and the story under the story.  When they moved to New Zealand in 2003 they found a group of dancers to practice the form further, and in 2007 they were invited to offer a two day post-conference workshop in Melbourne for the DTAA.  This opportunity, along with the ADTA conference in 2015 helped refine the practice for further research opportunities including a recent project of cross cultural research in Shanghai in September 2017.

For more information on Physical Storytelling, please contact eckellydance@gmail.com or visit www.authenticmovementaustralasia.com

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