19. Older Adults & Dementia: A Heart-Centered Approach

Donna informs us how emotional connection, social interaction, and body-based communication are the most important elements of older adult & Dementia care.

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Donna Newman-Bluestein is a Board Certified dance/movement therapist, Certified Movement Analyst, mental health counselor, senior lecturer for Lesley University, and performer with the intergenerational dance company Back Pocket Dancers. Since 1978, she has worked with people from 3 to 109 to help them cope with mental illness, physical disabilities, chronic pain, coronary artery disease, or dementia. An international trainer, speaker, and presenter, Donna’s focus is on transforming the culture of care for people with dementia through dance and embodied caregiving via direct service, training, supervision and advocacy. To motivate people with advanced dementia to engage with others, she created the Octaband®, an expressive therapy tool to foster a sense of connection through movement.

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