14. Ways to Prevent Bullying and Violence

Rena Kornblum is the creator of an internationally known bullying and violence prevention curriculum. Rena incorporates movement behavior, body knowledge, multicultural awareness, and creative social skills as interventions and resolutions for violence and bullying in and out of school classrooms. Rena shares challenging and rewarding moments from her work with children that we can all relate and apply to our lives as adults.

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Rena Kornblum, MCAT, BC-DMT, DTRL, brings over thirty-five years of professional experience as a dance/movement therapist to her therapy and prevention work. Ms. Kornblum obtained a Masters in Creative Arts in Therapy from Hahnemann Medical College (now Drexel University,) is a board certified dance/movement therapist, and is licensed in the state of Wisconsin to practice psychotherapy specifically through the expressive arts therapies. She is a Senior Lecturer in the Dance Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she coordinates an undergraduate certificate program in Dance/Movement Therapy. Ms. Kornblum developed the children and family program at Hancock Center for Dance/Movement Therapy, and co-ordinates Hancock Center’s in-school program in which she provides therapy sessions for children dealing with trauma as well as violence prevention classes for entire classrooms. Rena has written a book called Disarming the Playground, Violence Prevention Through Movement and Pro-Social Skills. Rena received the 2002 Wisconsin Dance Council Research and Journalism Award, the 2005 Distinguished Service Award by the Wisconsin Alliance for Arts Education, the 2009 American Dance Therapy Association Excellence in Education Award, the 2013 Unsung Hero Award by NAMI (National Alliance in Mental Illness, the 2014 Honored Instructor Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the 2016 Office of Multicultural Arts Initiatives (OMAI) /First Wave Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award for supporting student’s overall success, both inside and outside of the classroom. Rena has been doing workshops and trainings on her work around the country and internationally on her work in dance/movement therapy with children in general, with children dealing with trauma, on family therapy, and on her Embodied Violence Prevention and Pro-Social Skills curriculum.

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