08. Moving through Fear of Flying

Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann, BC-DMT informs us about her therapeutic work with clients who suffer from mild to severe anxiety disorders and how dance/movement therapy can be applied even up to 35,000 feet in the air.

Visit www.mindyourbodydmt.com

Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann is a psychologist and board certified dance/movement therapist living and working in Hamburg, Germany. She received her MA in Dance/Movement Therapy from University of California, Los Angeles and her Master in psychology from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Antonia currently teaches at two Universities clinical psychology, clinical reasoning, communication skills in therapeutic settings, relaxation techniques and introductory courses in dance/movement therapy for physiotherapists, speech therapist and occupational therapists. In addition she works in her private practice as a licensed therapist, communication trainer, supervisor and a trainer for acting students, applying dance and movement. Antonia is the author and speaker of several audiobooks for relaxation techniques and fearless flying. Since 2003 she has been leading over 140 seminars for individuals suffering from Aviophobia implementing dance/movement therapy both in therapeutic sessions as well as in the airplane during flight.

To get in touch with Antonia Arboleda-Hahnemann: www.arboleda.de

To get more information on the Fear-Flying-Seminars: www.flugangst.de

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