04. Fit Body, Fit Mind

Jessica Scott talks about her recent health and fitness lifestyle transformation and how it has positively impacted her emotional well-being. The discussion takes a unique turn when Jessica and Orit speculate how fitness training may mimic certain body-based survival responses and strengthen one’s ability to manage anxiety.

Jessica Scott is a licensed therapist and counselor in the New York City area. She received her BA in Applied Psychology from Penn State University and her MA in Mental Health and Wellness from NYU. Over the last 6 years, Jessica has helped her clients to improve their self-worth and to cope with stress, anxiety, and depression through a variety of cognitive-behavioral techniques, but has struggled to prioritize the same strategies in her own life until recently. Jessica has been tackling her own issues around body shame, self-worth, and fear of judgement head-on and has become passionately invested in caring for both her mind and body so she can be an even better therapist to her clients and an effective mentor to other women.

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